Advanced Manufacturing

The heart of Ventura Technology Group’s commitment to quality is our 30,000 square foot California fabrication facility. We use only state-of-the-art processes and equipment that provide unmatched quality and flexibility to our customers. The result is a superior manufacturing process that is thorough and efficient. (And ISO 9001 certified.) We continually revise our techniques to get the most out of the latest developments in memory and storage technology and manufacturing.


Automated Production Lines

We use only the most advanced surface mount technology in our automated production lines to ensure fast turnaround and on-time deliveries.

We do everything in-house with no outsourcing, which saves time and guarantees our strict quality standards. Our experienced technicians are US-based and factory-trained.

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Unmatched Production Capability

VTG maintains a constant and close supervision of the entire manufacturing process to ensure best in class quality to our customers.

VTG operates multiple in-house SMT lines in US with significant expansion capabilities that enable us to easily increase our current manufacturing capacity. We also have high-quality overseas manufacturing capabilities for additional volume production.