Tough Standards

Every one of our modules is designed to withstand HPC / NEBS server class applications. We pay strict attention to JEDEC specifications and use only top-quality DRAM and components. We have strong partnerships with multiple DRAM manufacturers and other suppliers to guarantee that we can consistently meet your delivery deadlines.

We cross-qualify every bill of materials (BOM) on multiple motherboard platforms. Then we lock the BOM to ensure consistent performance. We control revisions by part number, and make no changes to a BOM unless a supplier makes one. We will give you timely notice of any such changes. Our batch tracking system uses module labels & SPD, and we offer custom SPD programming and module labels.

Tough Testing

Our unrivaled testing regimen begins with a 15x scope visual inspection of all incoming components including memory chips, PCBs and connector pads. Our technicians closely monitor the manufacturing process to ensure high quality production. Click here to read more.