DDR2 Fully Buffered – FBDIMM Standard

Ventura Technology Group,Inc. (VTG) offers DDR2 dual in line memory module in selected range of densities, speeds and form factors. VTG has a strong history of partnership with customers to accommodate their specific design needs and is committed to providing customers with the highest reliability products. VTG DIMMs are designed to satisfy demanding memory applications for Embedded, Telecom, Networking and Storage.

  • 240 pin, fully buffered DIMM standard (FBDIMM)
  • Proposed JEDEC pin-out
  • PC2 6400, PC2 5300, PC2 4200 and PC2 3200 speed supported
  • 512Mbit,1Gbit,2Gbit monolithic DRAMs x8 and x4 supported
  • Module Ranks supported: Single rank (SR x8) and Dual rank (DR x4,x8)
  • Lead-free, RoHS compliant
FBDIMM Standard Specifications
Family Density Height Pin Count Configuration Chip Density Module Ranks Max Data Rate Max Speed CL
FBDIMM 512MB 1.195″ 240-pin 64Mbx72 512Mb 1 800 MT/s PC2 6400 6
FBDIMM 1GB 1.195″ 240-pin 128Mbx72 1Gbit 1 800 MT/s PC2 6400 6
FBDIMM 2GB 1.195″ 240-pin 256Mbx72 1Gbit 2 800 MT/s PC2 6400 6
FBDIMM 4GB 1.195″ 240-pin 512Mbx72 1Gbit 2 800 MT/s PC2 6400 6