Quality Manufacturing

When it comes to quality, we are our toughest customer. We won’t settle for making anything less than the highest quality memory and storage products. We are tough on ourselves so that you can trust our goods to meet your needs for high performance and rock-solid reliability. We are relentless in our pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

We have developed a superior manufacturing process that is thorough and efficient. (And ISO 9001 certified.) We continually revise our techniques to get the most out of the latest developments in the memory industry. That’s how we build quality products, and that’s how we built our outstanding reputation.


Quality Results

Our quality control process is ISO 9001-certified. We are proud to maintain a consistent first pass yield of 99.8% and outgoing final yield of 99.9%. Here’s how we became a tier one supplier to one of our OEM customers. Out of a total delivery of 43,000 memory modules, our customer returned 33. We tested the returns and found only 17 to be defective. That’s an outstanding level of quality.

We don’t rest on our laurels, either. Through our quarterly business review process, we are committed to maintaining our high standards. We will review our performance with you and discuss how we can continue to improve it for your benefit.