Automated Inspection Process

VENTURA Technology’s world class facility spanning across 30,000 sq ft utilizes state-of-the-art processes and equipment providing unmatched quality and flexibility to our OEM customers.

X-Ray System

VTG X-ray capability is used to inspect products for voids and to inspect BGA solder joints that cannot be visibly accessed. High-resolution X-ray technology is widely used in failure analysis and production quality testing. Any material flaw and quality characteristic affecting the shape of solder joints can be detected:

X-ray system

  • Missing solder fillets
  • Voids, blisters
  • Solder bridges
  • Non-wetting defects

Solder Paste Deposition Measurement System

In order to maintain the best in class quality; VTG understands that quality comes from improving the quality of solder paste printing. Solder paste deposition measurement system accurately measures the area, volume, and thickness of every solder placement. The amount of solder paste deposited contains enough metal and flux to result in a fillet between the component body or lead and the pad on the substrate. Our inspection process reduces the failure potential of having poor solder joint if any, preventing them from forming weak connections.

Solder DispenserLaser TriangulationSolder Acceptable Print

Visual Inspection

Optical visual inspection checks for a wide variety of potential manufacturing defects including any contamination, physical damage, non-conformance on the PCB, connector pad, memory chips and components. It is performed on 100% of our products by qualified VTG technicians.