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Solid State Drives Coming Soon

The VTG SSD’s are specifically designed and engineered for mission critical applications, where high bandwidth and reliability are required. Some of the advanced features to expect are Consistent Read Performance-Enhanced Productivity, No Moving parts, Reliability and lifetime, Susceptibility to environmental factors. Supports TRIM and S.M.A.R.T.

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The Future of DDR4

DDR4 is the newest iteration in DRAM; with data rates reaching 2400 Mb/s, DDR4 increases performance up to 50% over DDR3. DDR4 also delivers a 20% reduction in voltage over DDR3. Benefits New JEDEC POD12 (1.2V) interface standard for DDR4 Differential signaling for the clock and strobes Nominal and dynamic ODT: Improvements to the ODT […]

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